How does 'Spanish with Ms Bridgette' compare to 'Las Lengüitas'?

Teaching Methods

Our teaching methods haven't changed at all & Maria is still our #1 teaching assistant, bringing laughs and excitement to all ages! You can expect the same engaging immersion experience that you always had with Las Lengüitas!


Lessons will continue to be held in our home in Delta Township, MI. You will still use the front right entrance when you arrive.

Lending Library

We will no longer be able to offer a lending library however we are working to launch online immersion videos for kids that can be watched anytime outside of class.

Classroom Space

Our classroom space has undergone some changes. It's now part family room and part classroom, but don't worry, we still have plenty of room for a whole lot of fun!

Parent Portal

There is no Parent Portal for Spanish with Ms Bridgette lessons but you can create on account through our scheduling app to save time when reserving future lessons.

Class Size

Spanish with Ms Bridgette offers private lessons and semi-private lessons in leiu of group classes. You can enroll 1, 2 or 3 children at a time. Bring siblings or sign up with a friend to split the cost and save $5 per additional child.

Monthly Sessions

Monthly sessions are a thing of the past. Because we're no longer offering group classes, we can be much more flexible in scheduling. Come as much or as little as you want at whatever time works best for you! Each lesson will be perfectly customized for your child(ren) at a time and pace that works for you. Purchase one lesson at a time or purchase weekly, bi-weekly or monthly recurring lessons.


You are 100% in control of when your lessons occur. Each lesson is 30 minutes long and you choose when it starts. Choose any available time (times are listed in increments of 10 minutes) and we'll reserve 30 minutes of uninterrupted Spanish fun for your kid(s). We even include some extra time to chat and answer questions at the end!


You can purchase a single lesson, a group of lessons or recurring lessons. Payment is paid via PayPal at the time of scheduling for single lessons or groups of lessons. Subscriptions are auto-paid on a recurring basis.

You can also purchase a $100 coupon code for just $90 to save 10% on all purchases.